Pure A2 Desi Vedic Bilona Ghee

Ghee from The Indus Milk Company, is the traditionally healthy Vedic Bilona Ghee, made by warming the butter obtained from churning the probiotic whole milk yoghurt from Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk. Probiotic yogurt is churned using the traditional wooden churner as per the ancient process in Ayurvedic texts.

Curd based bilona ghee has a broad spectrum of medicinal, cosmetic and health benefits. Among other feature, curd based bilona ghee has Preventive as well as Curative attributes. Desi cow's curd based bilona ghee aids in digestion, in improving IQ levels and balancing hormones. Desi Cow Ghee has antiviral and anticancer property which come from its butyric acid content. Perhaps the most important features of Ghee, when made through the traditional process is that it provides nourishment to all the tissues of the body and helps rejuvenating oneself.

Price: Rs. 550 for 250 ml of ghee (price may vary based on quantity and convenience charge)

₹ 550.00 per 250ml