1. What is Indus Milk?

  2. Indus Milk is Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk that is Raw and unprocessed. Milk is procured from forest grazing indigenous breed of Indian Cows (Bos Indicus) a different subspecies of cows that produce the healthy A2 milk as opposed the regular species like Holstein Friesians and Jersey cows that produce the harmful A1 milk

  3. Tell me more about the cows?

  4. Our cows typically take a graze in the forest and this usually means a healthy and brisk five or more kilometer walk in each direction. They feed on natural wild grass in the reserved forests along with some medicinal herbs and pretty much no fodder. The milk and milk-derived products from these cows are held in high regard for their therapeutic properties. Our cows are the agile Hallikar cows that have more Ayurvedic therapeutic benefits any other Indian cows.

  5. What makes Indus Milk special?

  6. Our milk has four times more lactoferin than A1 milk and has conjugated linoleic acid, which supports immune system and is an anti-cancer agent. Milk has A2 protein that helps improve intelligence and development of children’s brain. It has more than 25 types of minerals and vitamins, for production of healthy cells. Medicinal properties of the herbs the cows graze are passed in this milk and have therapeutic properties.

  7. How are the cows milked?

  8. Happy Cows gives the best milk. As per our traditional methods, calves are first fed. Then cows are cleaned and milked using clean hands. Milking using machines are known to cause pain to the cows and we strictly don’t allow methods that cause harm to the cows.

  9. What happens after milking?

  10. The milk is immediately transported to our chilling center, where our French milk cooling technology is used to rapidly chill the milk to 2°C. We use one of the advanced milk coolers in the industry, which maintains quality and hygiene. We don’t process the milk and the milk supplied is Raw & Pure. The chilled milk is hygienically packed for distribution and delivered at your doorstep.

  11. How is the milk quality?

  12. We test our milk regularly and post our test reports. Rest assured we want our customers to experience the real milk.

  13. Is Indus Milk certified?

  14. Yes, Indus Milk is certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

  15. How do I order milk?

  16. Since our demands our high, Indus Milk works on an Invite-only model. You can provide your information through our website (Contact us), and we will send you an Invite Code once your spot is ready.

  17. I subscribed my information through your website/app but I have not received an invite code yet.

  18. Thank you for your interest in subscribing to real milk. Since our demands our high, we are currently adding members in phases. We thank you for your patience. We will intimate you as soon as we are ready to serve you by sending you an invite code.

  19. I have received an invite code to start my subscription. What is the next step?

  20. Please install our app from the Google Playstore (Android) or Apple iTunes Store (IOS). Enter the invite code that you received via email and signup in our app. Once you sign up, you can login to our app and go to “Buy Subscription” section in the app to start your subscription.

  21. How does the subscription work?

  22. You need to go to the “Buy Subscription” section in your app, to choose the suitable subscription plan. On choosing the plan, you can confirm your purchase and pay using multiple options provided.

  23. I need extra milk for a couple of days. How do I do this?

  24. You can go to the “Special Order” section in your app and place an order for extra milk.

  25. How do I buy your ghee, paneer and other milk products?

  26. You can go to the “Special Order” section in your app and place an order.

  27. How do I pay?

  28. After you choose your subscription plan, you can pay using multiple payment options, such as credit card, netbanking, debit card, UPI and several wallet options (freecharge, mobikwik, payzapp, payumoney etc)

  29. I signed up for a subscription plan but have not received milk yet. Why?

  30. Order cut-off time is 9pm for delivery the next day. If you placed your order after this time, we will not be able to deliver milk.

  31. Do you provide samples?

  32. We have a 3 day paid sample subscription that you can buy through our app. After which, you can subscribe through our regular subscription.

  33. Where do you deliver milk?

  34. Since our demands our high, we are adding new areas in phases. Currently we serve, Whitefield, Mahadevapura, Hoodi, Marathahalli, Brookefield, Bellandur, Indiranagar, Sarjapur, HSR, BTM, JP Nagar, Domlur and Old Airport Road. We thank you for your patience. If your area is not there in this list, let us know and we will work on delivering milk in your location.

  35. What is the cost of milk?

  36. We have a promotional pricing of Rs.38 per 500ml pack.

  37. What are the delivery charges?

  38. It’s on us! FREE.

  39. What are the delivery timings?

  40. Fresh milk will be delivered at your doorsteps between 5am – 7:30am.

  41. I’m travelling and I don’t need milk for few days?

  42. You need to go to the “Manage Subscription” section in your app and uncheck the dates that you don’t need milk. Our app will automatically extend your subscription based on the unchecked dates.

  43. How long does your milk last?

  44. It lasts for 3 days if maintained below 4°C. But, please boil the milk within 90minutes of you receiving it. This will eliminate the bacterial growth in the milk and make it last longer. If you have any other questions or concerns besides the ones listed above, call us at 7899 192 192. We’d love to hear from you and check on how you are enjoying our milk.