Pure A2 Desi Cow Paneer

Fresh and Creamy paneer from Indus is made from Pure A2 Desi Cow milk, from free range forest grazed cows. The paneer is made as per the ancient process in Ayurvedic texts, without any lemon, vinegar or any chemicals

Indus A2 Desi Cow Paneer has a broad spectrum of nutritional health benefits. It is rich in Protein with the highest amount of A2 beta-casein protein. This is one of the best sources of Calcium and magnesium, which helps in strength of bones, teeth, healthy heart muscles and smooth nerve functioning. Among other benefits, it improves digestion and helps boosts weight-loss. It is also a rich source of Folate, which is very essential for pregnant women and plays a crucial part in red blood cells production. Indus A2 Desi Cow Paneer is a total nutrient powerhouse!

Price: Rs.109 for 150 gms of paneer (price may vary based on quantity and convenience charge)

₹ 109.00 per 150gm