Payment once made is non- refundable unless it falls under one of the following criteria:

  • The milk is received with a tampered packaging: Customer would be expected to send an image of the tampered packaging immediately on receiving the milk either via mail or whatsapp. In case Indus Milk fails to replace the milk the same day. An action on refund will be taken.
  • If the milk is delivered on an unscheduled day.
  • If the consumer wishes to stop the subscription within the first three deliveries of a paid subscription.
  • In case you subscribe to our milk straight on our application without getting in touch with our team and the area of delivery is not within our reach.
  • For some reason, if Indus Milk fails to deliver milk on a particular day it will choose to replace the milk on another day
  • If the customer has paid excess amount due to mistake or an error.
  • The net amount refunded will be after deduction of transaction processing charges paid to the online payment gateway.
  • No interest is paid on a refund of any fees/deposit.
  • The refund of any fee is subject to the refund policy prevailing at the time of seeking a refund.
  • The Indus Milk Company reserves the right to modify and amend refund policies at any time by uploading the same in the Indus Milk website.

Returns of the dairy product are not allowed and not possible

Please note that any process of refund may take 15 working days.